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Hair transplants : are they a viable option

Let us cut right to the chase, Hair transplants are one hundred percent a viable option and something you should seriously consider if you are affected by this common yet mentally painful and confidence sucking affliction. It is very natural to wonder how something that is seemingly so complex can be achieved successfully. The simple answer is that technology today is very advanced and we now know more about the human body than ever before.

How it works :There are regions on our head that are known as the permanent zones. Typically this is the back and the side of the head and hair on these regions are not affected by balding. So hair follicles are grafted from these regions from a donor and transplanted to the bald area and these grafted hair retain their property of staying permanent. There are two main stages of hair transplants namely Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) followed by Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Advantages :1.) The transplanted hair behaves very much like normal hair in that you can cut it, style it and even shave it without having to worry about its growth being affected.2.) The modern procedures used for hair transplant ensures that the hair is uniformly distributed.3.) The procedure is carried out under the influence of a local anesthesia thus making it painless without one having to lose consciousness.4.) It restores your confidence back and you can literally hold your head up high.


1.) The initial investment both in time and money can be quite high and sometimes multiple sessions are required depending on the severity of the baldness.2.) Once the anesthesia wears off, some pain or numbness is experienced in the scalp.3.) In very rare cases the transplant might end up unsuccessful, though the probability of this happening is very low and is getting lower each day with more advanced techniques being perfected.

So to summarize, if you are unfortunately the victim of baldness, you should definitely consider hair transplant as the cons are minuscule compared to the pros.